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Our history

We are a Costa Rican company, formally registered as a small company (SME) before the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce, which supports our business and provides reliability to all our esteemed clients, we are direct importers of the best fine stainless steel jewelry, in rolled gold, 925 silver, gold and other high-quality materials worldwide, we are national and international distributors, we sell wholesale and retail and send our products to your home by DHL or normal mail. Through our company we want to give you the possibility to start your own business, fulfill your dreams and become an innovative person, it is never too late, you can start generating your own income. Wholesale purchases are from the $ 1000 minimum purchase and from $ 3 the price per gram of our jewelry made of silver and 14K gold assemblies, with natural zirconia stones and precious stones such as opal.

Our esteemed company begins in a dream of God, in an idea of ​​heaven that changes everything, in moments of difficulty there will always be a light of hope, whenever God gives you an idea it is not only for a person to be benefited, if not to bless many more, that is why I invite you to be part of this wonderful dream and start your business selling our products, in this way we will bring joy to many who today need a glow of hope.

Do not miss the opportunity to start your own business, we provide opportunities to innovative people! Let's write to whatsapp 506-8705-6878 or email:, It's never too late! We're here to serve you!

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